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    考点一 考查关系代词whose引导的定语从句

    1. A person ________ e-mail account is full won’t be able to send or receive any e-mails. (天津卷)

    A. who B. whom C. whose D. whoever

    【解析】C。在所给的四个关系代词中,只有whose能用于名词用作定语,故选C。又如:A bookseller is a person whose job is selling books. 书商就是其职业是卖书的人。

    2. Many children, ________ parents are away working in big cities, are taken good care of in the village. (安徽卷)

    A. their B. whose C. of them D. with whom

    【解析】B。their是物主代词,不是关系代词,不能引导定语从句,所以不能选;在其余三个选 项中,只有whose能用于名词用作定语,故选B。句意为:许多孩子的父母外出到大城市打工去了,他们在 家乡被照顾得很好。

    3. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city ________ name will create a picture of beautiful trees and green grass in our mind. (湖南卷)

    A. which B. of which C. that D. whose

    【解析】D。在所给定的四个关系代词中,只有which和whose能用于名词用作定语,故可排除B和 C。而关系代词which和whose用于名词前作定语的区别是:which具有that或this的语义特征,而whose则 具有one’s的语义特征。

    考点二 考查关系代词which引导的定语从句

    1. They’ve won their last three matches, ________ I find a bit surprising. (辽 宁卷)

    A. that B. when C. what D. which

    【解析】D。that不用于引导非限制性定语从句,故被排除;when可引导非限制性定语从句,但只 用于指时间,与句意不符,故也被排除;而what不是关系代词,不能用于引导定语从句,故也被排 除;which在此引导非限制性定语从句,并在定语从句中充当动词find的宾语。句意为:他们赢了最后三场 比赛,我发现这有点令人吃惊。

    2. My friend showed me round the town, ________ was very kind of him. (全国Ⅱ)

    A. which B. that C. where D. it

    【解析】A。由于两个句子之间没有并列连词,所以不能选B或D;而where是关系副词,不能用作 主语;which在此引导非限制性定语从句,并在从句中用作主语。又如:Peter drove too fast, which was dangerous. 彼得开车很快,这是很危险的。

    3. Whenever I met her, ________ was fairly often, she greeted me with a sweet smile. (山东卷)

    A. who B. which C. when D. that

    【解析】B。that不能用于引导非限制性定语从句,故可排除;when是关系副词,不用作主语,故 也可排除;who用于指人,但这里的定语从句不是修饰her,而是修饰whenever I met her,故不能用who, 此处应用which。又如:He said that he had never seen her before, which was not true. 他说他从 没见到过她,这是不真实的。

    考点三 考查关系副词where引导的定语从句

    1. Mozart’s birthplace and the house ________ he composed “The Magic Flute” are both museums now. (上海卷)

    A. where B. when C. there D. which

    【解析】A。由于定语从句he composed “The Magic Flute”的主语和宾语是完整的 ,所以不能选D;when指时间,不用于修饰表地点的先行词the house,故也不能选;而there不是关系词, 不能引导定语从句。

    2. It’s helpful to put children in a situation ________ they can see themselves differently. (福建卷)

    A. that B. when C. which D. where

    【解析】D。由于定语从句they can see themselves differently的主语和宾语是完整的,所以 不能选A和C;when指时间,不用于修饰表地点的先行词a situation,故也不能选。

    3. Life is like a long race ________ we compete with others to go beyond ourselves. (重庆卷)

    A. why B. what C. that D. where

    【解析】D。由于定语从句we compete with others to go beyond ourselves的句子结构是完整 的,不缺主语或宾语,所以不能选C;why引导定语从句,其先行词只能是the reason,而不用于其他场合 ,故不能选;what不是关系词,不能用于引导定语从句,故也可排除;where在此引导定语从句,修饰名词 race,相当于in which。句意为:人生就像一场长途赛跑,在赛跑中我们为了超越自我而与别人竞争。

    4. I have reached a point in my life ________ I am supposed to make decisions of my own. (浙江卷)

    A. which B. where C. how D. why

    【解析】B。定语从句修饰的先行词是a point,不是my life。point在此相当于一个抽象的地点 ,所以要用关系副词where来引导定语从句。又如:We have reached a point where a change is needed. 我们到了必须改一改的地步。She had got to the point where she felt that she could not take any more. 她到了她觉得自己再也不能忍受的地步。

    5. —What do you think of teaching, Bob?

    —I find it fun and challenging. It is a job ________ you are doing something serious but interesting. (北京卷)

    A. where B. which C. when D. that

    【解析】A。由于定语从句you are doing something serious but interesting是一个结构完整 的句子,不缺主语或宾语,所以不能选关系代词which或that,故可排除B和D;而关系副词when只用于修饰 表示时间的名词,故也可排除;where在此相当于in which,引导定语从句,并在定语从句中用作地点状语 。又如:I don’t want a job where I’m chained to a desk for eight hours a day. 我 不想要一份一天8小时都得守在办公桌前的工作。

    考点四 考查关系副词when引导的定语从句

    1. She’ll never forget her stay there, ________ she found her son who had gone missing two years before. (四川卷)

    A. that B. which C. where D. when

    【解析】D。that不用于引导非限制性定语从句,故被排除;which引导定语从句必须在定语从句 中充当主语或宾语,与本题的句子结构不符,故也被排除;where引导定语从句时,其前先行词只能是表示 地点的名词,而本题的先行词her stay there(她待在那儿期间)不是表地点,而是表时间,故C也可排除; 关系副词when在此引导非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词her stay。句意为:她永远不会忘记她待在那儿的 那段时间,在此其间她找到了她两年前失踪的孩子。

    2. Because of the financial crisis, days are gone ________ local 5-star hotels charged 6,000 yuan for one night. (江苏卷)

    A. if B. when C. which D. since

    【解析】B。when在此用于引导定语从句,修饰名词days。此题的难点是先行词days与关系副词 when之间被are gone,容易误解句子结构。句意为:由于金融危机,当地五星级宾馆每晚收费6,000元的 日子已经过去了。

    考点五 考查“介词+关系代词”结构

    1. Gun control is a subject ________ Americans have argued for a long time. (陕西 卷)

    A. of which B. with which C. about which D. into which

    【解析】C。当一个定语从句由“介词+which”引导时,其中介词的确定方法就是要 找到与之构成搭配的动词、名词、形容词等。在本题中,根据句意,句子所涉及的搭配是argue about a subject(争论某个话题),所以答案只能选C。又如:I called him by the wrong name for which mistake I apologize. 我叫错了他的名字,为了这个错误我愿道歉。

    2. She brought with her three friends, none of ________ I had ever met before. (全国 I)

    A. them B. who C. whom D. these

    【解析】C。由于两个句子之间没有并列连词,所以不能选A或D;又因为是用于介词of之后作宾语 ,所以要用宾格whom,不用who。句意为:她带来了三个朋友,我以前一个也没有见过。

    考点六 定语从句考查新角度

    The house I grew up ________ has been taken down and replaced by an office building. (江西卷)

    A. in it B. in C. in that D. in which

    【解析】B。这道题的本质是考查定语从句的用法,但其命题的角度比较特别,它既不考查先行 词,也不考查关系代词或关系副词,而是结合介词的搭配考查关系代词的省略。句中定语从句I grew up 用于修饰名词the house,由于其前没有“引导词”,所以可认为被省略了。而根据英语语法 ,可以省略的定语从句“引导词”只可能是用作宾语的关系代词that或which,这样一来,就 必须要求空格处填一个能带宾语的词,显然只有介词in。

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