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阅读理解(共20小题)A篇 The American tradition of Thanksgiving dates back to colonial times, to the Pilgrims(清教徒) o...



The American tradition of Thanksgiving dates back to colonial times, to the Pilgrims(清教徒) of Plymouth rock Colony. To escape religious persecution(迫害) in England, the Pilgrims journeyed to the New World on their ship, the Mayflower. After a long journey, they finally arrived at Plymouth Rock in autumn of 1620. They could not finish building the settlement before winter, so many froze to death. They ate most of their food on the journey over, so many also starved. However, the Pilgrims met a Native American named Tisquantum, or Squanto as he was better known, who taught them how to plant corn and catch eel(鳗鱼). By the same time next year, the Pilgrims had built a steady settlement, and had a bountiful harvest. To thank the Native Americans for their help and to celebrate the harvest, the Pilgrims held a grand banquet(盛宴). Together, they feasted on corn, yams, fish, and most importantly: roast turkey, which became the highlight of the modern Thanksgiving feast.

Schools always make a big deal about Thanksgiving, because they feel that it teaches children how to be thankful and to treat others with kindness. I spent the many years of elementary school making paper turkeys, fake cornucopias(a shell filled with food, a symbol of the holiday), and writing lists of what I’m thankful for. When I grew older, I watched movies and read books about the First Thanksgiving, and completed crossword puzzles and word searches filled with holiday themed words. While the idea for Thanksgiving is great, and it is a wonderful opportunity to instill certain values in children, I don’t think we should name a special holiday for being thankful. We should be thankful for what we have every day, not just Thanksgiving.

56. What’s the main reason for the English Pilgrims to leave their home country?

A. Political ideas.B. Religious beliefs. C. Hard life.D. Hopes for fortune.

57. What threatened the Pilgrims most when they first arrived the new world?

A. Cold and starvation. B. Wild animals.C. Local people. D. Sickness.

58. Why did the Pilgrims hold a banquet one year after their arrival in the new world?

A. To memorize their family members left in England.

B. To celebrate their survival from religious persecution.

C. To thank the Native Americans for their help.

D. To celebrate the new state they’ve set up.

59. For Thanksgiving, all the activities are normally done EXCEPT _____.

A. enjoying a big meal B. making paper turkeys 

C. doing crossword puzzles D. sing Christmas songs

60. The passage was written to show the writer’s attitude of being _____.

A. knowledgeableB. responsibleC. energetic D. thankful


Have you ever been to the world’s smallest bookstore?

The World’s Smallest Bookstore, whose official name is just these three words, sits quietly about 100 miles northeast of Toronto.

The bookstore is about 10 feet by 10 feet, so it is easy to imagine how tiny it really is. The bookstore is open 24 hours a day. Inside the bookstore are various books, especially literary books and classic authors’ works. So if you are looking for something less popular, you may get a bit disappointed there.

Another special feature of this bookstore is that each book only costs three dollars. All the expenses are paid on the honor system, which means buyers should make a note of what they’ve bought and leave their money by themselves. So the tools of the trade in this bookstore are quite simple: pens, papers, light bulbs and a label-maker.

In order to catch passers-by’s attention, the billboards(广告牌) of the bookstore are several times bigger than the store itself. With these large eye-catchers, many people are willing to stop by and have a visit.

61. What’s the passage mainly about?

A. The world’s smallest bookstore. B. A strange way of selling books.

C. The popular books nowadays. D. The popular bookstores in the world.

62. When can you buy a book in the store?

A. In the morning.B. In the afternoon.

C. At night. D. At any time of the day

63. Which of the following books might you most probably get in the store?

A. Books on popular science. B. Literary books.

C. The year book of a university. D. Books on economic control.

64. How could you buy a book from the store?

A. The salesman will help you find the book. 

B. The salesman will get the money for the book.

C. Choose the book(s) and leave the money there.

D. Pay on the net and then get the book(s) in the store.

65. How does the store attract readers’ attention?

A. By putting up a huge billboard. B. By making ads on TV.

C. By broadcasting loud music. D. By handing our ads in the street.


First lady Michelle Obama has some advice for some Tennessee High School graduates: Strike your own path in college and life and work to overcome inevitable difficulties with determination and courage.

The first lady told the 170 graduates that she spent too much of her own time in college focusing on academic achievements. While her success in college and law school led to a high-profile(备受瞩目) job, she said, she ended up leaving to focus on public service.

“My message to all of you today is this: Do not waste a minute living someone else’s dream,”she said. “It takes a lot of real work to discover what brings you joy… and you won’t find what you love simply by checking boxes or padding your GPA(成绩).”

She said the school reminded her of her own high school experience in Chicago. “My No. 1 goal was to go to a high school that would push me and challenge me,” she said. “I wanted to go somewhere that would celebrate achievement. A place where academic success wouldn’t make me a target of teasing or bullying, but instead would be a badge of honour.” But Mrs. Obama said pitifully that not all students have the same opportunities. “Unfortunately, schools like this don’t exist for every kid,” she said. “You are lucky.”

The first lady told graduates that failure may be a part of their college lives and careers, and that how they respond to any difficulties will define them. “That’s when you find out what you’re really made of in those hard times,” she said. “But you only do that if you’re willing to put yourself a position where you might fall.”

Overcoming difficulties has been the hallmark(特征) of many great people, she said. “There’s this guy Barack Obama… he lost his first race for Congress, and now he gets to call himself my husband.” The first lady joked: “I could take up a whole afternoon talking about his failures.”

66. Michelle went to Tennessee High School to _____.

A. visit her old school B. help the votes for Obama

C. welcome new students D. give some advice for the graduates

67. By talking about her academic achievements, Michelle wanted to _____.

A. show off her great success in collegeB. be the example for the students

C. warn that it’s not enough to study wellD. encourage the students to focus on study

68. According to Michelle’s description, Tennessee High School is likely to _____.

A. tease or bully studentsB. receive black children only

C. promise students with GPA D. honour students with academic success

69. How could you find out what you really love according to Michelle?

A. Put yourself in a difficult position and meet the challenge.

B. Try your best to be successful in academic performances.

C. Try everything you are interested in and make comparison.

D. Choose a target and insist on it regardless of failures.

70. Michelle mentioned Obama as an example of _____.

A. winning the voteB. overcoming difficulties

C. being a top studentsD. doing public service


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That saying holds true not only for you and me, but also for some of the most powerful and influential people in the world, such as the presidents of the United States.

But how do American presidents spend their vacation time? Let’s take a look!

Franklin D. Roosevelt, considered one of the greatest presidents in American history, had limited vacation options because of his polio(小儿麻痹症). He began visiting Warm Springs, Georgia in 1924 for its curative waters and later built a 2,000 acre polio treatment center nearby. He liked to cruise the Potomacon his yacht(游艇) and three times as president returned to his beloved Canadian island of Campobello, with which he fell in love as a kid.

Former President Bill Clinton, however, was never much good at vacationing. His staff had to practically force him to go on vacation his first year in office; his idea of relaxing was reading four good books simultaneously(同时) while enjoying a cigar (chewed, not smoked). He could also lose himself in a game of golf, where his somewhat flexible interpretation of the rules could at times drive his partners crazy.

Obama’s predecessor(前任) also knows how to relax. Fishing is in the Bush family DNA: for blue sharks off the coast of Maine or anything with fins, almost anywhere else. George W. Bush also relaxed as president by jogging and clearing brush on his Texas ranch. Since leaving office, he has become an active mountain biker and, more recently, has taken up painting.

Obama tends to take a winter break in Hawaii, where he was born and raised, and a summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In between, he plays basketball every couple of weeks and has been known to do some skeet shooting at Camp David. Obama’s favorite pastime, no matter the location, has become easy to spot: golf.

71. What’s the passage mainly about?

A. US presidents on holiday. B. Relationship between work and play.

C. Famous US presidents.D. Suggestions on spending holidays.

72. What’s the main reason for Franklin choose to spend his holidays in the spring or on his yacht?

A. Personal interests.B. Physical disability. 

C. Tidal current. D. Official arrangement.

73. What’s special when Bill Clinton was playing golf?

A. He could often be the top player.B. He could often be the bottom player.

C. He did not often respect the rules.D. He usually showed good team spirit.

74. From Paragraph 5, we may infer that _____.

A. the Bush family were mostly fishermen.

B. the Bush family like to fish only near Maine.

C. father of George W. Bush likes to work on farm.

D. father of George W. Bush also loves fishing.

75. In the last paragraph, many of Obama’s hobbies are mentioned EXCEPT_____.

A. sailing B. playing basketball C. shooting D. golfing

Key:56~60 BACDD 61~65 ADBCA 66~70 DCDAB 71~75 ABCDA



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